Well things have been quite hectic, of course, we are buying a house!
We are set to close a week from today, high noon, main street………….. we’ll have our pens loaded and ready to sign, sign, sign.

The ritual home-buying-snags surfaced for us within this past week, but we seem to have leaped over them in a few stumbling bounds. So we are still praying that all goes smoothly. Someone threw my words back at me (dontcha just love that) and said “Like you have said, anything worth having is worth the struggle”. Oh, okay, alright, whatever.

The good news is that the house appraisal came in at $1500 over the purchase price, which is very cool. We will make that much on the deal upon closing. Our mortgage guy (very cool, thanks for everything Daniel!) was passing our appraisal around the office and everyone was pretty impressed at such a cool price for such a cool house. That feels good.

So, we are living among cardboard boxes and utter disarray. But it will be worth it, FINALLY! We have waited so long for this dream to come true. Our own walls, our own dirt, our own house!

Pardon me now, while I slip into overdrive, if this cold will let me (ugh, like I have the time for a cold), and get to packing!