So, I’m mulling some ideas around, and I have a few questions for anyone that happens to wander through here…
-1- Have you ever been to an Internet/cyber cafe ( coffee house with computers with Internet access and wifi available) ?
-2- Do you have one/any in your area?
-3- What does/would appeal to you about one, and encourages/would encourage you to go to one?

What I picture is something like this….
You enter, and right near the front to one side is the ‘cafe’ part…..fancy coffee, pastries/donuts, pre-made sandwiches, other drinks (non-alcoholic), all easy to serve or self-serve.
With places to sit and be hooked up to wifi from your own laptop, or have access to several computers hooked up to high-speed.
Then there would be perhaps, a few other sections…. like a ‘gamerz’ area, with a group of high performance machines, all hooked up and ready to play individually or in a pre-setup LAN party……and maybe a section for the kids, with simple computers, safe-guarded for the Internet, and installed with plenty of edu-tainment software, and MAYBE even have a mini-indoor-play-land next to it, providing mental AND physical stimulation, right there side-by-side.
Services provided could be copies, faxes, computer tutoring, computer skills classes, computer consulting, web design, web hosting, and more….

Any input? Am I nuts?
We live near a University, and on a developing edge of a pretty good-sized city that is still in need of a technological boost, for sure.