Well here I am, out on the deck. Fixed up this old-left-behind laptop. A whopping 166mghz P1 fireball, LOL. But hey, it has high speed internet!!!
I really need to fix up this template, but this one job has me pretty busy right now. Just taking a quick break from it now. Then I have this other site to do a redo on and then move the other one to a new domain name. And then there is another site that has been on the side for over a year! They finally want to meet with me. I think their board of directors is nudging them abit, since before Christmas, and I guess it was for the best what with all I went through around that time.
So, there are ALL kinds of birds chirping. Totally blue skies. It”s probably in the60″s out here, high 60″s, warmer in the sun, with a VERY slightbreeze. Rob”s rigged me up a temporary canopy out here, he just came home. Says he will set me up more permanently later. The boy is over there planting his corn starts in the garden. I hear Rob running the lawn mower in the front yard. Pickles is walking around the deck here looking for something to get after. The chicks are out in their lil yard. There are a lot of big ol fat carpenter bees buzzing around me, yuck. But the sun makes up for it.
I could almost take a nap here.