The cold spell has finally passed. I suppose we needed one more blast before the “real” spring kicked in, eh?
So, it”s gorgeous out there today, mid-70″s already. But win-dy!
Gusting up to 29mph last time i checked the weather.
And since I can see the lake here from my window, this really neat thing is happening where the wind seems to shoot right down into a spot on the lake and spread from there. Really cool. There is probably a technical, meteorological term for this phenomenon, but let”s say we name it…

C”mon, this is an interactive game, pitch in your suggestions….surely they are more creative than mine today.
Lovin” the view though, I must say.
Now back to work…

UPDATE: : I caught this image of what I am talking about and put it in my PhotoGallery. You can see it enlarged by clicking on this one.

The Wind on the Water Image