To catch myself up…
I started walking last week, I did a half a mile four days; one day was just too cold. Then I had the homeschool convention Saturday, and was sick Sunday.
Monday was FREEZING here, since it had been down to the single digits Sunday night – gofigure after being warm and hitting 70 on Saturday!

So, I walked yesterday, though it was still pretty cold. I did 3/4 of a mile. I intended to do a mile, but the cold air on my nose and ears, and a couple of dead animals floating in the lake next to the walking path across the dam discouraged me. :~(

Now for todays walk….. it’s gorgeous, probably almost 70 outside now, like 78 here in the house, and mostly sunny outside.

So, I’m off with the boy, to have him take care of the animals for me, and I’m determined to do my mile. Especially since even though the weather for the week is forcast to stay pretty nice, you never know.