I didn”t realize until I saw the beautiful rays of it falling into the living room this morning how long it had been since we”d seen the sun here.
Boy, am I thankful for it.
Forget the fact that it”s still in the 20″s out there at 8 a.m. and forget the fact that most of the lake has a light sheet of ice on top of it.
The sun is shining! Spring will come, eventually!

I took a walk yesterday checking out the next-door-neighbor”s property, since I heard that it”s for sale. This is the guy that built the lake. He owns the dam, a flat walkway that goes across it with a bench out in the middle, the forest below it, and the best view there is on the lake, for sure. His house is okay, from what I can see on the outside. Definitely needs some work, and is older, but definitely has the location and some room for a little expansion. Oh, and he also owns about an acre on the other side of us here- the side David”s apartment, or the “pottery shed” as it”s known, is on. Hmmmmmmmm…..
Well here is the neighbor”s view of the lake.
(shhhhhhhhh don”t tell I was trespassing, the guy only spends a couple of months here each year. He”s currently in Arizona, and was in Seattle before that. He”s a retired professor.

p.s. this one was taken yesterday, when it was really cloudy.