1. True, of course. I don’t know what I would do without the hope of JC.
2. Uh, NOT!!! To quote Garfield, “I am NOT a morning person!” Though I would like to be :~) Mornings are nice.
3. Hi, my name is Lori, and I am a Pepsi-addict
4. Though my teacher was very intimidating, I did quit chewing my nails more to have my nails grown out for my 8th grade graduation.
5. I can’t believe I did it still, but yes, lil ol’ me got up in front of the entire school if you can believe that!!! I didn’t make it (unbeknownst to me there was already a ‘clique’ of popular girls that were shoe-ins, BUT I did make it (in the top 3 even, right after 2 of the seniors and above 2 of them) the next week for Basketball (1st week was for Football)) p.s. I had JUST moved to this school/area that year.
6. Sure do have that scar on the bottom of my foot, though it’s ‘moved’ as I’ve grown. We were visiting my Dad’s Mom’s Sister’s family in Tucson, and it was one of those blade-twirling-type sprinklers that we were jumping over ( I hope they don’t make those anymore). Interesting note, Tucson is where Rob was born and raised, though I never met him until I was 15 :~) and that was after he’d moved to California.
7. I started training early- though the babysitting at that young age was only across the street from my house, LOL. And I have NEVER left any of my kids with someone so young!!!
8. Ha Ha Hee Hee Ho Ho – er, nope. BUT, dad did own a gas/service station – “Chittenden’s Scotia Chevron” and I ‘helped-out’ there a bit. (answering the phone was a mouthful, LOL)
9. 2 separate C-sections, the ever-popular dent-in-the-forhead-from-a-chicken-pox, the one on the bottom of my foot, the one on my eyebrow from smacking into the monkey gym………………….definitely more than one scar.
10. Yuck! coconut

THANKS for playing and anyone else besides Jill going to do one?!?!?! C’mon……..